Cisco Certification: What It Is and Why You Should Get One

Cisco Certification: What It Is and Why You Should Get One
By regionaleducationalinstitute | March 12, 2020

Are you looking to bolster your resume and become a networking leader in the tech industry? Then, you need to get Cisco certified.

Seeking out Cisco certification programs like CCNA training courses can enhance your core networking knowledge in several specialized disciplines ranging from security, data centers, and network programmability. 

Earning Cisco certifications can positively influence your career trajectory and put you on a pathway toward success.


As a recognized leader in network infrastructure solutions, Cisco provides networking products, from networking hardware to IT services and products, to a diverse range of industries.

These industries include:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

As such, Cisco-certified professionals provide significant value to their employers or prospective employers. Obtaining this highly coveted technical certification is necessary to stand out in today’s competitive IT industry.

Advantages of being Cisco-certified

But the aforementioned point is far from the only reason why getting Cisco-certified is core to your success in the IT industry. Read on to lead how Cisco certifications can help you advance your career and positively influence your employer’s perception of you.

1. Upgrade your demand in the IT industry

While talent can undoubtedly help you get started in the IT industry, the reality is, hard-earned credentials are necessary to qualify for different positions and higher pay grades. Without having technical certifications, it is nearly impossible to confirm subject matter expertise to employers.

A Cisco Certification program can help you systematically understand all different facets of networking infrastructure, protocols, and security.

A recent study performed by the International Data Corporation (IDC), found that Cisco Certifications are the most requested certifications in hiring requirements over millions of IT-related job openings. By becoming Cisco-certified, you increase a hiring manager’s confidence in your hireability.

2. Increases your salary

On top of increasing your chances of standing out from the competition, becoming Cisco-certified is a great way to boost your earning potential. The more certifications you earn, the higher your salary can increase.

When compared to non-certified professionals, Cisco-certified professionals experience an average salary increase of five to nine percent.  

3. Enjoy far greater job security

As every organization is dependent on computer networks, the need for IT will continue to remain in high demand. Certified employees in numerous roles like network administrators and security professionals are valued assets as their certifications prove their credibility.

Without the right certifications, individuals cannot give reassurances to their employer that they have the knowledge and technical expertise to efficiently perform in their role. A Cisco certification verifies credibility and the knowledge of best practices, further job security.

4. Advances your IT career

Job security is one thing, but advancements over time are necessary to continue driving success in your field. Cisco can be an important tool in your ongoing advancement in the IT industry. Through Cisco, you have access to a comprehensive suite of certification programs to get on the fast track of career advancements.

Let’s look at one specific certification, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification. One of the most popular Cisco programs available, the CCNA Certification allows IT professionals to further validate their understanding of networking fundamentals.

By earning the CCNA Certification, IT professionals can continue to climb up the certification ladder, earning qualifications like the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. This qualifies professionals for more top rung roles like senior network engineer, which results in greater job security and a higher pay grade.

5. Discover new career paths

Upward mobility is just one facet of career progression. There are several Cisco certifications available to those looking to expand their technology career. Depending on the specific technical field you want to specialize in, Cisco offers a variety of training programs to help you get there.

This diversity in their certification portfolio means you can explore multiple career paths and develop various technical skills that can make you a highly desirable choice for employers. Through Cisco, you can explore different technological arenas and discover new interests.

What’s more, Cisco clearly outlines pathways across nine different specializations, allowing you to know exactly what certifications you’re required to obtain to further your career. Whether you’re interested in Industrial Networking, Network Security, Routing & Switching, or another specialized IT career track, Cisco has the certification you require to succeed.

In this manner, Cisco ensures you are career-ready the moment you graduate from their training programs.

Ready to invest in your future?

And as Cisco is the biggest networking vendor in the world, IT professionals would do well to enroll in one of their many industry-leading certification programs.

If you’ve been looking to increase your employment prospects, boost your earning potential, or simply advance your IT career, Regional Educational Institute’s (REI) comprehensive suite of Cisco training courses will help you add depth to your resume and validate your technical skills in the eyes of your employers.

No matter what the IT career track you choose or the level of your experience, REI has the relevant Cisco Certification you require. Our schedules can be customized to your requirements according to the availability of trainers and training slots.

If you’re ready to take the first step to become Cisco-certified, contact REI today. Our friendly staff in our training center in Abu Dhabi is available to assist you and guide you through the entire process of becoming a Cisco-certified professional.