Management Development Program

The role of managers in senior and executive positions is evolving. To be successful in today’s world of business, you must be able to adapt and respond quickly to the changing needs and wants of your team. REI’s Management Development Program (MDP) is a course designed to strengthen the relationship between managers at all levels (subordinate to executive management). The aim of this program is to enable employees at a managerial level to gain the ability to motivate others, thereby, allowing them to effectively manage their teams. Participants will learn about the key skills needed to become a more efficient and effective manager. The curriculum is practical and reality-based, focusing on the skills and attitudes needed to achieve a balance between delivering results, creating a high performing team and developing and nurturing the individuals within that team for optimum performance.

Who Should Attend?

Our management development training program is designed for those who are either new to management, or have been managing for a while but have not completed any formal training. It offers an opportunity to improve your performance as a manager and gain an internationally recognized management certification. This program is also designed for middle-management executives with high potential for senior management positions. It is recommended for result-oriented experiential learners with an established history of strategic thinking and strong communication skills.

Topics Covered:

  • In line with our human resources training courses in Abu Dhabi, participants can expect the below coverage of topics such as:
  • Module 1: Understanding Leadership Vs Management
  • Module 2: Planning, Organising & Delegation
  • Module 3: Team Motivation & Engagement
  • Module 4: Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  • Module 5: Conflict Resolution
  • Module 6: Performance Evaluation & Appraisals
  • Module 7: Management Tools - Training, Coaching & Feedback
  • Module 8: Understanding Compensation & Benefits Module
  • Module 9: Change Management
  • Module 10: Time Management
  • Module 11: Influencing Creativity & Innovation
  • Module 12: Managing Stress

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Understand Successful Team Management Strategies
  • Effective planning and organizing of tasks
  • Categorise when and what tasks to be delegated
  • Problem solving and decision-making approaches
  • Managing conflicts within teams
  • Creating a Performance Management system for employees
  • Use of management tools to enhance performance and competencies
  • Defining a Compensation Strategy and structure
  • Embracing change and driving it effectively in teams
  • Prioritising tasks and effective time management strategies
  • Empowering Employees on Creativity & Innovation
  • Recognising Stressors and techniques to overcome stress in self and teams