Arabic Language Courses In Abu Dhabi

Learn Arabic in Abu Dhabi with REI’s proven language learning methodology

Our Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi are designed for individuals who want to use Arabic for their professional studies. This program will also give the students the opportunity to speak on general topics, communicate in a business environment and understand texts and phrases in business and finance in the Arabic-speaking world.

REI’s Arabic language course in Abu Dhabi is divided into three levels (Basic, Intermediary, and Advanced) which will be assigned to the candidate based on their level of expertise in the Arabic language. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Arabic in Abu Dhabi’s most trusted training institute.

Who Should Attend?

REI’s Arabic lessons in Abu Dhabi are designed for individuals navigating globally-oriented industries such as business, marketing, international relations, non-profit, peacekeeping and other sectors where proficiency in Arabic is in high demand.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of each Arabic language course, students should be able to see their level of Arabic mastery move to a higher level, from writing and basic construction to speaking and listening to a more sophisticated fluency apt for professional environments.

Gain access to a greater understanding of the Arabic language and culture to improve your career prospects and better navigate today’s highly globalized landscape.

Course Outline


Arabic LEVEL 1 (Basic)

Level 1 is ideal for candidates who are interested in learning the basics of the Arabic language in the UAE.
Topics include:
  • Alphabets and small words
  • Introduction to phrases for conversation
  • Introducing self and other people
  • Describing people and things
  • Asking and giving information
  • Simple sentence construction

Arabic LEVEL 2 (Intermediary)

Level 2 is ideal for candidates who possess basic knowledge of the UAE Arabic language and would like to enhance their speaking and interaction skills.
Topics include:
  • Dealing with numbers, talking about favorite things, hobbies & family
  • Conversation starters and practice
  • Talking about future, life, events, and feelings
  • Expressing likes and dislikes, contractions, and closing a conversation
  • Grammar

Arabic LEVEL 3 (Advanced)

Level 3 is a highly advanced interactive program which is ideal for candidates with a satisfactory command of spoken Arabic but still feel insecure about expressing themselves in professional and social conversations.
Topics include:
  • Giving options, agreeing and disagreeing
  • Asking for details, asking permission, sequencing
  • Discussing sensitive topics, accepting & refusing, expression for description
  • Indirect requests, supporting opinions, exploring options
  • Contrasting, classifying, elaborating, interrupting
  • Giving directions, checking for understanding

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Arabic language an important language to study?
Yes. Arabic is an influential international language spoken by over 400 million people worldwide (both native and non-native speakers in the Arab world as well as the Arab diaspora). Essentially, it is one of the five most spoken languages across the globe, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN).
What are the benefits of learning Arabic in Abu Dhabi?
Knowing how to speak Arabic gives you an advantage over other job applicants because it opens you up to employment opportunities in a number of fields (business, political science, journalism, law, social work and more) in Middle Eastern countries. What’s more, you’ll be qualified to work for international organizations like the UN, USAID, and the Word Bank.
Is the Arabic language easy to learn?
Because the Arabic language has its own unique alphabet, grammatical and pronunciation rules, and a number of dialects, learning it can be challenging for students from English-speaking countries, but certainly simple for those who are passionate about learning and motivated to explore Arab culture. REI’s spoken Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi help you take the crucial first steps in mastering the language.
What else can I learn from taking Arabic classes in Abu Dhabi?
More than the language, studying Arabic also teaches students about the cultural, religious and political values of the Arab world. Students gain a wider perspective of the Arabic way of life, and this can effectively prepare them for a future of successfully and comfortably living and working in and even outside the Arab world.

Take the easy step to learning one of the most important languages in the world. Work, study, live and play in cosmopolitan environments when you sign up for REI’s Arabic Classes in Abu Dhabi.