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REI provides accredited and specialized human resource management courses designed to empower professionals with the vital expertise needed to thrive in the ever-evolving HR landscape. Acquiring the CHRP certification, a globally recognized credential, will unlock promising career paths and serve as a testament to your HR proficiency. Our expert instructors are committed to providing practical insights and real-world scenarios, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle HR challenges with confidence. Join us today for a CHRP course and start your journey toward becoming a certified HR professional. In addition to this HR management course, our training institute in Abu Dhabi also offers PMP Certification, Primavera P6 training, and leadership and management course.

Topics Covered in CHRP Courses

In line with our human resources training courses in Abu Dhabi, participants can expect the below coverage of topics such as:

  • HR Policy
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • UAE Labor Law
  • Training & Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Termination & Exit Interview


Who Should Attend?

Our HR courses in Abu Dhabi are open to candidates who are at least an undergraduate, a diploma holder or with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in an administration process. Gaining a CHRP certification opens doors for numerous individuals. Here’s a list of those who can benefit:

  • HR Professionals: Whether you’re newly appointed or an experienced HR practitioner, our CHRP courses offer valuable insights to advance your HR career.
  • Aspiring HR Practitioners: If you aspire to build a career in human resources, our CHRP certification in Abu Dhabi provides a solid foundation to excel in this dynamic field.
  • Undergraduates & Diploma Holders: Students with a background in business, management, or related fields can benefit from our human resource management courses, preparing them for future HR roles.
  • Individuals Seeking Career Transition: For professionals looking to transition into the HR domain, our comprehensive training equips you with the necessary HR expertise.
  • HR Managers: Enhance your managerial skills and gain in-depth knowledge of HR practices to lead your team effectively.

CHRP Course Outline

Our CHRP human resources certification is designed to equip participants with a comprehensive suite of skills, including those that cover recruitment, compensation, performance management, and UAE-specific labor laws.

HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY ✔ Fundamentals of Policies

✔ Role of HR Policies in UAE/Middle East

✔ How to Develop/Update Policies for the Organization

RECRUITMENT AND STAFFING ✔ Understanding Recruitment and its standards

✔ Recruitment Life Cycle in UAE context

✔ Channels of Sourcing Staff

✔ Selection and Hiring Process

✔ Precautions Pre and Post Recruitment

✔ How to Save Cost in Recruitment

COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS ✔ History of compensation

✔ Compensation Strategy

✔ Components of compensation

✔ Compensation & Benefit Survey

✔ Compensation Models

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT ✔ Understanding the Crux of Engagement

✔ Roots of Employee Motivation & Loyalty

✔ Facts with Figures – Global Study

✔ Identifying the Gaps with Millennials

✔ Steps to drive employee engagement

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT ✔ Prerequisites & Pillars of PMS

✔ Overcoming Challenges & Limitations

✔ Performance Management Cycle

✔ Avoiding Rater Bias or Assessment Errors

✔ Structuring Appraisals & Development Plans

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ✔ Identifying the need for training and development

✔ Factors affecting working and learning

✔ Need for training and development

✔ Creating a Learning Environment

✔ Drafting & Execution of a Training Plan

✔ Cost effective methods for employee training

SUCCESSION PLANNING ✔ Emerging Realities in Organizations

✔ Understanding “The Successful Plan”

✔ Caution & Limitations in Succession

✔ Developing the Plan

UAE LABOR LAW ✔ Key Articles of the UAE Labour Law
TERMINATION AND EXITS ✔ Employee termination as per UAE

✔ Influence of the Termination policy

✔ Factors to be kept in mind for the termination meeting

✔ Disputes about termination

✔ Facilitating Exit interviews

Learning Outcomes

At the end of our CHRP certification training course, participants will be able to:

  • Skillfully assess recruiting methods and validate selection procedures for informed staffing decisions.
  • Design a training program using a useful framework for evaluating training needs, designing a training program, and evaluating training results
  • Develop efficient training programs, employing a practical framework to evaluate needs, design, and assess training results.
  • Proficiently analyze salary survey data and design an apt pay structure with suitable pay grades and ranges.
  • Evaluate a company’s implementation of performance management systems for enhanced performance.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of employee benefit concepts, plan design, administration, and regulatory compliance.
  • Strategically align HR systems with the business objectives of the organization.

Why Choose Us for an HR Management Course?

  • Accredited Certification
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Practical Approach
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Advancement
  • Continuous Support
  • Flexible Study Options
  • Proven Track Record


Mamadou Jallow

My experience with the Regional Educational Institute is very wonderful, and the best, you can’t imagine how happy I am right now. Supportive and friendly lecturer Mr Dylan and staff. At first, I thought it will not be easy for me when I heard that it’s HR course , but everything went smooth. The Regional Educational Institute is the only institute which made sure you get the best knowledge and best experience with an affordable price [and don’t need to pay the full amount at once] but mostly, the time is flexible to everyone. am very honored to be part of the Regional Educational Institute graduates. I am so grateful and thankful. Thanks Allah for this opportunity.

Disha Pandey

I have completed my CHRP certifications for REI in January 2021. I want to thank Dylan and team for being thorough in providing industry specific knowledge whilst the course delivery through out my study period. Not only did the job secure me a relaunch back in the market after a maternity break, it refreshed my knowledge and got me back in the business world. I would highly recommend this course to the ladies looking to join back work after a career break due to maternity or parenting which will give them edge in this highly competitive job market. Good luck!

Gel Yanga

The Trainings conducted for CHRP,CHRM and Leadership Management was very insightful. Considering each students having knowledge or not has been taught everything they need to know and understand. I am delighted that I have been enrolled in this training institute because I have reached what I have expected to learn. Thanks a lot to our Trainer Mr. Dylan for sharing your knowledge to us without hesitation. May you help others to achieve their goals in life. Thanks also to the wonderful staffs of REI. They are accommodating and warm. And will assist you in anything they can provide for their students. God bless and continue your mission for individuals like us who are trying to do more better in our life. 🙂 !!

Wendy Archer

REI, is studying made easy! Dylan is a professional lecturer and ensures that students are kept engaged throughout his classes. The HR course content was straight forward and would recommend the course to anyone interested in HR. Overall it was a pleasure to conduct my training at REI.

Candy Lynn Gonzales Salazar

I will never forget my experience in this institution! They have given me an opportunity to learn and progress in the chosen field that I wanted – to be a Certified Human Resource Professional. The materials that the trainer had used were properly crafted and deliberated to their students effectively. Students were engaged and respected in their own inputs and differences. Mr. Dylan made our journey to CHRP a lot more fun and interesting. Thank you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Daniel Alvares

I really like to Thank REI for giving me an opportunity to do the course on CHRP/ CHRM. Indeed it was a really awesome experience again to learn something new. I also thank my Trainer who trained well and I really enjoyed few months of learning. He has very nice knowledge on the HR field and he well explained with activities and examples. I’m glad that I chose the right Institute. Thank you

Rizza Jean

Finally completed my sessions for CHRP & CHRM! Thanks to the ever supportive staffs of REI and specially to our Trainer Mr. DYLAN.. Despite the restrictions due to this pandemic, they still find ways to deliver their best service and commitment to us. More power to you guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a CHRP certification beneficial for HR professionals?
A CHRP course is highly valuable as it validates your expertise and enhances your employability. Globally recognized, it opens doors to better job opportunities and potentially higher salaries.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the CHRP course?
The REI CHRP in Abu Dhabi course is open to undergraduates, diploma holders, and individuals with relevant work experience in an administrative role. It offers accessible learning for a wide range of candidates.

How can I obtain the CHRP certification?
You can either complete the CHRP training program followed by the assessment exam or directly take the assessment.

How do I enroll in the CHRP courses?
To register for our training program and learn more about the enrollment process, reach out to our student counselors. You can contact us through our website or leave us a message, and we will get back to you promptly.