Essentials/Advanced MS Office Courses

Whether your level of expertise in MS Office is at the basic or intermediary level, be assured that you will walk out as level experts with REI’s MS Office program. The versions of advanced Microsoft Office training courses provided at REI includes 2013, 2010, in addition to the prior versions of 2007 & 2003.

MS Word

You may have used Word before but are you getting the most you can from the software? Through our advanced Microsoft office courses, you can see when and how to use Word features to automate and accelerate your ability to enter and format text and data.

Essentials Advanced
Opening & Closing Word Working with Word Window
Working with Documents Adding Pictures
Your First Document Formatting Pictures
Basic Editing Tasks Adding SmartArt
Basic Formatting Tasks Adding Tables
Advanced Formatting Tasks Inserting Special Objects
Formatting Paragraphs Adding in Document References
Working with Styles Advanced Research Tasks
Formatting the Page Reviewing a Document
Adding the Finishing Touches Customizing Word

MS Excel

Whether you manage your own finances, run a business or a large organization, this advanced Excel training class will give you the skills you need to have Excel do your calculations. Each topic is designed to save you time and ensure the integrity of your data.

Essentials Advanced
Opening & Closing Excel Smart Art & Objects
Your First Worksheet Auditing
Working with Excel Files Creating Charts
Viewing Excel Data Creating Pivot Tables
Printing Excel Data Working with Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
Building Formulas Macros
Using Excel Functions Using What If Analysis
Using Time Saving Tools Managing Your Data
Formatting Your Data Grouping & Outlining Data
Advanced Formatting Tools

MS PowerPoint

Be kind to your audience – no more “death by dull PowerPoint!” In this course you will learn to consider your target audience, and then plan a dynamic, engaging presentation with appropriate background theme, graphics, transitions, animation and sound.

Essentials Advanced
Opening & Closing Powerpoint Adding Pictures
Working with Presentations Working with Text Boxes
Your First Presentation Adding SmartArt
Working with Text Adding Tables
Formatting Text Inserting Advanced Objects
Formatting Paragraphs Advanced Drawing Tasks
Advanced Formatting Tasks Powerpoint’s Research Tools
Customizing Slide Elements Creating Notes & Handouts
Setting Up Your Slide Show Using Slide Masters
Showtime Advanced Presentation Tasks

MS Outlook (Beyond Email)

Are you drowning in email? Learn many ways to save time with Outlook software. Use rules, alerts and Quicksteps effectively. Organize your addresses and contacts into categories and groups, activate the business card feature and use powerful functions to easily schedule group meetings.

Essentials Advanced
Opening & Closing Outlook Customizing Outlook
Working with E-mail Adding Word Elements to an E-mail
Creating a New E-mail Customizing Your Profile
Managing E-mail Advanced E-mail Tasks
Managing Junk Mail Advanced Calendar Tasks
Outlook’s Organization Tools Doing More With Tasks
Searching for Items Using Notes
An Introduction to the Calendar Viewing RSS Feeds
An Introduction to Tasks Managing Outlook Data
An Introduction to Contacts