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Executive Office Secretary Course Details

Course Duration

24 Hours


Basic to Advanced

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Yes – Printed & PDF


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In the hectic business world of today, an executive secretary plays a crucial function. These specialists help CEOs and managers in a critical capacity, serving as the foundation of an organisation. People frequently enroll in executive secretary training programmes to gain the information, skills, and competencies required to succeed in this challenging position.

Receive the instruction and practical experience you need to become a master at providing high-level administrative support as an executive secretary. The executive secretary course at REI has a broad curriculum that captures the dynamic nature of the position. Administrative secretaries have a significant role in determining the reputation of the business and its leadership, from office administration to record-keeping to communication with all stakeholders.

Executive secretaries in training and in the workforce need to make sure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the midst of change as the corporate landscape of today continues to undergo significant changes. With the help of our executive secretary training programme, participants may increase their administrative and clerical efficiency and perform well in high-pressure, time-constrained settings by learning future-ready theories, strategies, and technologies.

Who Should Attend?

Executive secretaries, usually called executive assistants or administrative specialists, fill various positions inside an organisation. The REI executive secretary training program is the best option for anyone looking to launch a career in executive secretarial work, from ambitious applicants to seasoned boardroom professionals looking to expand their skills. The course is offered to students, diploma holders, or professionals with at least two years of experience working in an administrative or comparable function. A degree in business administration is preferred. It’s also necessary to be proficient in office and business communication software and business English.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this course will be capable of:

  • Show professionalism.
  • Converse successfully.
  • Solve problems in a timely fashion.
  • Get organised.
  • Offer top-notch customer support.
  • Demonstrate computer skills.
  • Stage events and presentations.
  • Show proficiency in basic accounting principles.

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Advantages Of Executive Secretary Training Programmes

For both individuals and organisations, investing in executive secretary training can have several advantages:

Superior Professionalism

Executive secretaries who attend training sessions develop a sense of professionalism and quality. They gain the ability to behave themselves with composure, deal with difficult circumstances with dignity, and effectively represent their bosses and organisations.

Enhanced Administrative Capabilities

Training programmes for executive secretaries cover a wide range of administrative duties, from learning office software to enhancing time management and organisational skills. These abilities are crucial for guaranteeing efficient office procedures.

Successful Communication

The fundamental responsibility of an executive secretary is effective communication. People can learn how to communicate vocally and in writing in both a professional and confident manner by taking training classes.

Technological Aptitude

Executive secretaries today need to be skilled with various software programmes, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Training programmes give students practical practise using these tools.

Higher Productivity

Success as an executive secretary depends on effectiveness and efficiency. To get better results, training teaches people how to prioritise jobs, manage their time well, and streamline their processes.

Career Development

Executive secretaries can compete better for jobs thanks to their training-based skills. They might be qualified for positions with greater salaries and have more chances to enhance their careers.

Course Outline – Executive Secretary Training

An extensive review of the scope and definition of the function is given at the start of our executive secretarial course. It is arranged by a logical chronological timeline of the candidate’s duties, starting with creating a positive first impression and forming bonds with the company’s owners, suppliers, and clients and ending with public speaking in business presentations.


✔ Core Competencies
✔ Challenges vs Rewards
✔ Career Path
PARTNERING WITH YOUR BOSS ✔ Building Relationships
✔ Understanding Behaviours
✔ Managerial Grids
✔ SWOT Analysis
✔ Being Proactive
SPECIAL TASKS ✔ Nature of Tasks
✔ Travel Management
✔ Meeting Management
✔ MOM – Minutes of Meeting
ART OF COMMUNICATION ✔ Communication Cycle
✔ Barriers to Communication
✔ Choosing the Right Channels
✔ Assertive, Aggressive & Passive Communication
✔ Funnel Technique for Effective Questioning
TIME MANAGEMENT ✔ Techniques of Time Management
✔ Prioritisation & Task Selection
✔ Dealing with Conflicting Priorities
✔ Vendor Management
✔ Vendor Selection Process
✔ Quotations & Proposals
✔ RFQ vs RFP
✔ Handling Petty Cash
STRESS MANAGEMENT ✔ Symptoms & Causes
✔ Buildup of Stress
✔ Stress Management strategies
✔ Other Relaxation Techniques
✔ OUTLOOK Calendar & Email Management
✔ PowerPoint


Caryl Lulu

Everyone at the institute was very accomodating and helpful. Our instructor Sir Dylan always ensured that all our questions were answered and had made the classes not only very informative but also interactive. Very grateful for the new knowledge that we have all gained in this experience.

Faisal Alais

The institute is very distinguished and they have very excellent staff who have aspects of serving the students, directing them to the right path and taking care of them. Thanks and appreciation Geralie and your trainer is Dylan.

Junaid Iqbal

I would like to say that’s a wonderful and appreciate able institute with the full of professional trainer’s and clean environment.

Gloria Christopher

Good ambiance & excellent teaching skills by Mr. Dylan. It was such a wonderful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions – Executive Secretary Training

What does an executive secretary do?
An executive secretary or assistant’s responsibilities typically include providing high-level administrative support to executives and other leadership staff, serving as a good point of contact between company leaders and colleagues, and producing presentations and reports.

Other duties are scheduling and attending meetings, performing key clerical/office tasks, making travel and accommodation arrangements, and completing other relevant duties as assigned.

What skills should an executive secretary possess?
An executive secretary’s most important skills include being able to communicate effectively, interact with all kinds of people, multitask and prioritise duties, manage time, organise files, pay attention to detail, and observe professional discretion.

They must also practice teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, punctuality and project management, as well as possess an admirable work ethic.

What is the difference between a secretary and an executive secretary?
A secretary must demonstrate proficiency in basic skills like typing, writing, and using common software applications and office equipment. An executive secretary must have all these skills and take on more senior-level responsibilities such as office coordination, managing interactions between executives and vendors or clients, creating budgets, managing websites, and supervising staff.
Why should aspiring executive assistants take executive secretary courses?
Executive secretary training programs teach participants to become true assets to any company by developing professionalism, clear communication skills, impressive management capabilities, and valuable problem-solving chops.

Administrative support personnel present their company well and can meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving workplace environment.

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Who Should Attend?

Aspiring Executive Assistants – People who like to support and help people, and have a penchant for chasing deadlines.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Your Job
  • First Impression
  • Partnering With Your Boss
  • Getting Organized
  • Email / Managing paper trail
  • Communication Skills
  • Inventory Management / Stock Control Procedures
  • Customer Service / Vendor Management
  • Time / Accounts / Stress Management
  • Fundamentals of Excel
  • Presentation Skills

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the executive secretary training program, participants will be able to:
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Communicate effectively
  • Solve problems in a timely fashion
  • Get organized
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Demonstrate computer skills
  • Stage events / presentations
  • Demonstrate accurate basic accounting skills