Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE)

We offer PTE Academic course in Abu Dhabi. The PTE Academic course is an integrated skills test. The purpose of Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) is to accurately assess the Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing ability of test takers who want to study at institutions where English is the principal language of instruction, as well as, for individuals desiring to move to a Native country. With our PTE coaching, candidates are equipped with techniques that are used to pass the test.

Intended Candidates for the PTE Course in Abu Dhabi


  • Aspiring to pursue higher education in a native English-speaking country.
  • Seeking to fulfil language proficiency requirements for university admissions.


  • Planning to migrate to a native English-speaking country for work or residency.
  • Needing to demonstrate English language skills for professional certification or licensing.


Enhancing Language Skills: PTE Coaching Classes in Abu Dhabi 

Speaking & Writing:

  • Perfect your pronunciation, fluency, and tone variation.
  • Ensure clarity in speech with a focus on grammar and sentence construction.
  • Expand your vocabulary and master the art of summarizing.
  • Hone time management skills for efficient communication.

Listening Mastery:

  • Learn effective summarization techniques and concentration strategies.
  • Enhance spelling and dictation accuracy through targeted exercises.
  • Develop time management skills to optimize your responses.

Reading Strategies:

  • Master skimming and scanning techniques for efficient information retrieval.
  • Learn to summarize textual information and describe images effectively.
  • Practice re-telling lectures and repetition of sentences for improved comprehension.

 Elevate English Proficiency with PTE Academic Training in Abu Dhabi

Integrated Skill Application: Participants will harness their diverse skill sets to effectively utilize English for both oral and written communication, optimizing their language competency.

Language Fluency Enhancement: Through the PTE Academic Course in Abu Dhabi, participants will undergo a transformative journey to elevate their English language fluency, enabling articulate expression and comprehension.

Academic Text Engagement: Attaining proficiency in PTE Academic will equip participants to engage with academic texts of varying lengths, facilitating comprehensive understanding and analysis.

Visual Data Interpretation: Upon completion, participants will adeptly interpret and articulate insights from visual data representations like images, charts, and graphs, enhancing their communicative prowess.

Concise Writing Proficiency: Participants will master the art of concise writing, synthesizing information and presenting it in structured formats, ensuring clarity and coherence in their written communication.

Who Should Attend?

Students desiring to move to a Native country to pursue their further studies, additionally, individuals seeking to migrate to a Native country.

Topics Covered:

  • Speaking & Writing – Pronunciation, Fluency improvement, Variation in tone, Clarity of speech, grammar, sentence construction, vocabulary, summarizing, time management, etc.
  • Listening – Summarizing, Concentration Techniques, Spellings/Dictations, Time Management, Accuracy in response, etc.
  • Reading – Skimming, Scanning, Summarizing Textual Information, Describing Image, Re-Tell Lecture, Repetition of Sentences, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Use their integrated skill sets
  • Ability to use English language for Oral and Written communication
  • Improve English Language Proficiency
  • To read texts of a certain length in academic context
  • To describe images, charts, graphs, etc
  • To write in a summarized manner, as well as, use structured format