VAT – Value Added Tax Training in Abu Dhabi

Value Added Tax is a new taxation system implemented in UAE.

This VAT training program is designed for people who are looking to understand the new system of Value Added Taxation and its practice as per the regulations of the federal authorities. Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive outlook at Vat and its implications to the businesses in UAE and its impact on stakeholders outside of UAE also.
Our program will also include support beyond the classroom to implement the learning.

Who Should Attend?

Finance professionals, Accountants, Business owners who wish to understand the impact of VAT and how to manage it.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the VAT system and Training Program in UAE
  • How VAT is to be treated by the Accounting System
  • VAT application in types of Businesses - Trading, Manufacturing, Services, Event, Professional Services, Real Estate atc
  • Capital Purchases
  • Credit Sales & Purchases
  • VAT in Offers / Promotions / Samples / Internal Consumption Scenarios

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Introduction and relevance of VAT to your role and industry
  • Understanding 'What is VAT?' and How it works
  • How VAT will change the Accounting system
  • How VAT is to be treated by the Accounting System
  • VAT applicability for purchases and sales
  • VAT Scenarios - cases and examples
  • Filing returns for your Businesses monthly, annually, without external support
  • Understanding Capital Purchases, Credit Sales & Purchases
  • Recording input and output vat and how to calculate. Arriving at figures to file returns
  • Offer / Promotion / Sample / Internal Consumption Scenarios
  • VAT and its impact on dealing with stakeholders in GCC and outside before and after implementation


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