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Regional Educational Institute offers a range of graphic design courses, out of which the most sought-after is our immersive Adobe Illustrator course in Abu Dhabi. This comprehensive program delves into the realm of digital illustration, equipping participants with the skills to create captivating graphics and visual content. Led by industry experts, our Adobe Illustrator training emphasizes hands-on learning and provides you with a deep understanding of the software’s tools and functionalities. Dive into the world of digital design and master the art of visual communication with our expert-led curriculum. You can also reach out to us for other training, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign courses.

Who Can Benefit from the Adobe Illustrator Course?

Our Adobe Illustrator training course caters to a wide range of individuals seeking to enhance their digital design skills. It is ideal for aspiring graphic designers, illustrators, and visual artists looking to expand their creative capabilities. Additionally, professionals in marketing, advertising, and branding can benefit from the course’s focus on creating compelling visual content.

Students pursuing degrees in design-related fields and individuals with a passion for digital illustration and visual storytelling will find this course invaluable for their personal and professional growth.

Significance of Adobe Illustrator

Students will be able to:

  • It is an extremely important tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike, as it equips individuals with the essential skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of digital design.
  • Mastering this tool empowers participants to craft dynamic digital artwork, allowing them to express their creative visions with precision and flair.
  • This skill increases one’s career prospects in the fields of graphic design, marketing, and advertising but also fosters creativity and innovation, enabling individuals to bring their artistic visions to life in a digital landscape.

Course Outline

Trained by Subject Matter / Industry Experts
ILLUSTRATOR ✔ Introduction to BIM with Examples
✔ Creating a New Document Using Presets
✔ Using Multiple Art boards
✔ Changing the Screen Display Mode
✔ Viewing and Using Rulers
✔ Using the Guides
✔ Using Smart Guides
✔ Using Undo and Redo
CUSTOMIZING YOUR WORK ✔ Setting general preferences
✔ Setting user interface preferences
✔ Defining shortcut keys

OBJECTS ✔ Understanding Vector and Raster Graphic
✔ Understanding Paths
✔ Creating Rectangles and Ellipses
✔ Creating Polygons and Stars
✔ Creating Line Segments
✔ Understanding Selections
✔ Using The Selection Tools
✔ Using The Direct Selection Tool
✔ Using The Magic Wand Tool
✔ Selecting And Grouping Objects
✔ Moving Objects
✔ Duplicating Objects
✔ Aligning And Distributing Objects
✔ Transforming Objects
✔ Rotating And Scaling Objects
✔ Reflecting And Shearing Objects
✔ Applying Multiple Transformations
COLORS ✔ Working with Color Mode
✔ Working with the Color Panel
✔ Working with the Swatches Panel
✔ Using the Color Guide Panel
FILL, STROKE AND GRADIENTS ✔ Applying Fill and Stroke Colors
✔ Changing Stroke Attributes
✔ Using the Eyedropper Tool
✔ Using the Transparency Grid
TYPE ✔ Adding and Deleting Anchor Point
✔ Aligning and Joining Anchor Point
✔ Working with Pathfinder
✔ Creating a Compound Path
✔ Points and Path
✔ Using Type Tools
✔ Creating point text
✔ Creating Area Type
✔ Modifying Type on A Path
✔ Importing Text
✔ Working with Overflow Type
✔ Changing Fonts
✔ Changing Font Size
✔ Leading, Kerning, Tracking, Scaling, Rotating and Formatting Type
✔ Aligning Paragraphs
EXPORTING A DOCUMENT ✔ Understanding export file formats
✔ Exporting as PNG or JPEG
✔ Saving as adobe PDF
✔ Saving as an EPS

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of our Adobe Illustrator course in Abu Dhabi, participants will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in creating intricate digital illustrations and graphics using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of vector graphics, enabling precise and scalable design outputs.
  • Acquire the skills to create professional-quality logos, icons, and marketing materials for various digital platforms and print media.
  • Gain practical experience in leveraging advanced tools and techniques to enhance visual storytelling and brand communication.
  • Cultivate a strong foundation in digital design principles, equipping participants with the expertise to create visually compelling and impactful artwork.


Is prior experience in graphic design necessary to enroll in your Adobe Illustrator course in Abu Dhabi?

No. The course is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of expertise.

Can the skills acquired in the Adobe Illustrator course be applied to both digital and print media?

Yes, the skills can be applied to both digital platforms, such as websites and social media, as well as print media, ensuring versatile and comprehensive design capabilities.

Will I receive a certification upon completing the Adobe Illustrator training at the Regional Educational Institute?

Yes, you will get a certification that recognizes your proficiency in Adobe Illustrator.

Can I get Illustrator training if I live in Dubai, not Abu Dhabi?

Sure! We offer in-person and online classes, so no matter where you are, you can join our program.

Course Reviews

“It is a good place for learning. The people who want to enhance their skills – this is the place for them. We came here for particular course & the teacher was very helpful & knowledgeable. She was ready to help the extra mile and I recommend this place for people who have practical learning appetite.”

– M L Gupta

“Overall a great and knowledge rich experience. I hope that some minor delays in classes are to be dealt with in the future, but I would recommend anyone to take atleast one course in this institute.”

– Saeed Alkaabi

“Gained a lot of knowledge and improved my thinking skills. Very dedicated tutors who ensure you have the right information and become a better and a professional person at work.”

– Alaa Salah

“It was really helpful and informative. Especially that you can take personal classes which help you to discuss and ask more.”

– Mais Estfan