IELTS Coaching inAbu Dhabi

Improve your grasp of the English language dramatically at our IELTS center in Abu Dhabi.

We offer comprehensive IELTS courses in Abu Dhabi for both disciplines – Academic IELTS and General IELTS – giving due consideration to the nature of the exams respectively. Our IELTS coaching in Abu Dhabi is an intensive training program which involves reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

What separates our IELTS training in Abu Dhabi from most courses is that we provide resources that are specifically designed to best prepare participants in terms of knowledge and comfort with the English language. With our IELTS coaching in Abu Dhabi, participants are equipped with techniques that are used to pass the exams and we assure that the training programs will exceed the expectations of the participants.

Who Should Attend?

At our IELTS coaching center in Abu Dhabi, we offer preparation courses to anyone preparing for the IELTS exam. To attend our IELTS classes in Abu Dhabi, applicants must possess basic knowledge in English Language (Read, Write & Comprehend)

Topics Covered:

  • Reading Techniques - Skimming passage, Identifying question type / key points, Time Management, etc.
  • Listening Techniques – Accent Training, Concentration Techniques, Spellings / Dictations, Time Management, etc.
  • Writing Techniques – Grammar, Sentence Construction, Vocabulary, Time Management, etc.
  • Speaking Techniques – Pronunciation / Accent Training, Fluency Improvement, Cohesion in Topic Questions, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • To discuss and debate in a variety of situations and contexts, on both the personal and academic level
  • To understand interventions of a certain length in various domains (academic, professional, etc.), when standard language is used
  • To read texts of a certain length in an academic context
  • To describe graphs, tables, etc.
  • To write a structured, formal text of a certain length
  • To deal with basic intercultural differences
  • To develop independent learning strategies, especially those relevant to exams
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Help Desk Detail

For Corporate Tailored Course, please contact our Help Desk at +971 2 6794948


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