English Speaking Course in Abu Dhabi

Professional English Speaking Classes in Abu Dhabi 

Welcome to REI- one of the leading training centers in the UAE, where we are passionate about helping individuals hone their English-speaking skills through our exceptional Spoken English classes in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, our courses are structured to meet your needs and goals. Our knowledgeable educators are committed to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment because they recognize the need for good communication in today’s worldwide society. With a focus on practical conversation, vocabulary expansion, and perfect pronunciation, our comprehensive curriculum ensures rapid progress. So, why wait if you search for comprehensive ” spoken English classes near me”? Join us and undertake a transformative linguistic journey.

Importance of Taking the Most Coveted English-Speaking Course in Abu Dhabi 

• They enhance career prospects in the globalized job market.

• Proficiency in English language is often required for academic success.

• Fluency in English enhances social interactions and cultural exchange.

• Such courses build confidence and assertiveness in expressing ideas.

• Learning English opens up access to a wealth of resources and information.

• It facilitates travel, exploration, and cultural immersion.

• Understanding diverse cultures and perspectives is fostered through English fluency.

Who Should Get Spoken English Certification in Abu Dhabi? 

• Non-native English speakers

• Students

• Professionals in international settings

• Job seekers

• Individuals planning to study or work abroad

• Obtaining a spoken English certification validates proficiency and enhances communication abilities.

• It provides an advantage in job interviews, academic pursuits, and social interactions.

• Spoken English certification boosts self-confidence.

• It promotes effective communication across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

What are the Career Opportunities after Completing an English Speaking Course in Abu Dhabi? 

An English-speaking course equips individuals with valuable communication skills, opening up career opportunities. Graduates can pursue careers as language trainers, corporate communication specialists, or public speaking coaches. They can find employment in multinational companies, educational institutions, tourism industry or work as freelancers, offering online language lessons.

Spoken English Program Program Description Course Outline Duration
Spoken English – Beginner Level This program is designed to understand the basics of English language and speak with confidence using the practical techniques which will improve the speaking abilities. This course is aimed to help participants with less or no English language knowledge, wherein they shall be equipped with all the skills required to hold daily basic conversation. Introduction to Intermediate English
Conversation starters, giving options, agreeing & disagreeing
Asking for details, asking permission and sequencing
Discussing sensitive topics, accepting and refusing, expressions for discussion
Indirect requests, supporting opinions, exploring options
Contrasting, classifying, elaborating, clarifying, interrupting
Giving directions, simple presentation, checking for understanding
Grammar – Parts of a sentence, clauses and phrases & Tenses
Subject verb agreement, word
30 Hours
Spoken English – Intermediate Level Advanced English program is a highly advanced interactive program which is ideal for candidates with a satisfactory command of spoken English but still feel insecure in expressing themselves, in professional / social conversations. Business Communication
Presentation Skills & Correspondence
Spoken Interactions
Emails. Agendas, Letters, Proposals
Proofreading and Finishing
Group Discussions & Debates
30 Hours
Spoken English – Advanced Level Advanced English program is a highly advanced interactive program which is ideal for candidates with a satisfactory command of spoken English but still feel insecure in expressing themselves, in professional / social conversations. Business Communication
Presentation Skills & Correspondence
Spoken Interactions
Emails. Agendas, Letters, Proposals
Proofreading and Finishing
Group Discussions & Debates
30 Hours

What are Three Easy Steps to Get Your Spoken English Certification in Abu Dhabi? 

Obtaining a certification in Spoken English involves a straightforward process consisting of three steps. At Regional Educational Institute, a reputable training institute in Abu Dhabi, we offer exceptional certification courses, which include Arabic language courses, adobe illustrator courses, designing courses, Microsoft Office training, and more.

The three steps needed to get certified are as follows:

1. Enroll in the Course:

Take the first step towards earning your Spoken English certification by enrolling in our comprehensive course. Our institute offers a diverse range of carefully designed modules taught by expert trainers. By joining our program, you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to communicate fluently in English.

2. Apply for the Exam:

Once you have finished the course, you can apply to take the certification exam. This exam evaluates your proficiency in English speaking and assesses your ability to communicate effectively in real-life scenarios. Our certification exam is designed to test your skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and overall fluency.

3. Become a Certified Professional:

Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive your certification as a qualified professional. This certification recognizes your expertise and validates your ability to confidently converse in English.

Why Choose Regional Educational Institute for Spoken English Coaching in Abu Dhabi? 

Experienced and Qualified Instructors: Our spoken English classes are conducted by highly experienced and qualified instructors who have a strong command of the English language.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our spoken English classes offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of the language. The curriculum is designed to cater to learners at different proficiency levels, ensuring that you receive targeted instruction based on your current abilities.

Program Certification: Upon completion of our spoken English courses in Abu Dhabi, you will receive program certification that can significantly enhance your career prospects.

Flexible Class Timings: We understand your busy schedule and offer a range of convenient class timings. Whether you’re a working professional, student, or busy parent, find a schedule that suits you.

Personalized Attention: Our experienced instructors provide individualized support in small-sized classes. We tailor our teaching methods to address your specific needs, ensuring a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

Customizable Programs: Achieve your language goals with our tailored spoken English language programs. Whether it’s improving speaking skills for work, enhancing writing abilities for academics, or overall fluency, we design a program just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are the Spoken English Classes?
The duration may vary depending on the specific course. However, typical courses can range from a few weeks to several months. The duration is usually mentioned in the course details provided by the training center.
Who Can Join the Spoken English Classes at REI Training Center?
The spoken English classes at REI Training Center are open to individuals of all ages and proficiency levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to develop basic English skills or an advanced learner aiming to enhance fluency, there are classes suitable for your needs.
Are The Spoken English Classes at The Training Center Taught by Native English Speakers?
Yes, the spoken English classes at REI Training Center are conducted by highly qualified instructors, many of whom are native English speakers or possess native-like fluency. These instructors have extensive experience in teaching English as a second language.
What Teaching Methods Are Used at the Institute?
REI Training Center utilizes a communicative approach to teaching spoken English. The classes focus on enhancing speaking and listening skills through interactive activities, role-plays, group discussions, and real-life scenarios. Various multimedia resources and modern teaching techniques are employed to create an engaging learning environment.
Can I Receive a Certificate Upon Completion of The Classes?
Yes, upon successfully completing a spoken English course at REI Training Center, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can serve as evidence of your language proficiency and may be beneficial for employment purposes or further educational pursuits.
How Can I Enroll in The Classes?
To enroll in the classes, you can visit their official website and navigate to the page dedicated to spoken English courses. There, you will find information about available courses, schedules, and registration procedures. Alternatively, you can contact their admissions department for assistance with the enrollment process.
Are There Any Prerequisites for Joining the Program?
No specific prerequisites are typically required to join the classes. The courses are designed to accommodate learners of different proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced. However, it is advisable to have a basic understanding of English, especially for higher-level courses, to ensure maximum benefit from the classes.

Course Reviews

Full 1
I would like to add my review regarding the course 'Spoken English' that I have been taught. Seriously I have no words to express my feelings, but I am obliged to this institute for what they have given to me. I am now able to do my job far better than before. May God continue to shower his blessing on this institute. All the staff were very cooperative, and the environment there was very conducive.
Hamid Rehman
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Full 1
A highly recommended institute. Special thanks to the professional trainer Mr.Jamal who guided me to reach my goal in a very short time. I really appreciate his support. It was a pleasure to deal with such a respectful person.
Hasnaa Suleiman
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Full 1
Regional Educational Institute offers expert lectures for English proficiency tests and lots more. I am talking from my experience with them. They are the standing-out option for career advancement mentorship. 💪💪
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Full 1
I got so much out of it, and maybe more than I expected! The trainer is an excellent teacher and probably one of the best I have ever encountered in any course. 5 stars value guaranteed.
Hamza Bulooshi
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Full 1
Instructors are very accommodating; they always try to bring out the best in you. They never let the students feel uncomfortable during recitations. The staff are also very accommodating.
Roumel P
Full 1
Full 1
Very professional setup. I had the fortune of having Steffi as the tutor. Relevant content was thoroughly covered. She went through the pain of taking some extra sessions requested. I highly recommend the institute.
Pawan Katyal
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Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the spoken English course, participants will be able to:
  • The participant will be able to pronounce the English words accurately, read, and know the fundamentals of English grammar and vocabulary
  • Enhance participant’s reading skills and enable them to skim an adapted text for main idea, scan an adapted text for specific information, and interpret an adapted text for inferences
  • Enhance participant’s listening skills and enable one to understand and apply specific information from the input
  • Enhance participant’s speaking skills and enable them to use general, social, and professional language
  • Develop the participant’s general capacity to a level that enables them to use English in their professional and academic environment