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REI training center in Abu Dhabi offers a specialized AutoCAD 2D course that equips you with digital design and drafting skills. The program combines instruction and practical implementation, providing essential knowledge on working with CAD. AutoCAD is the powerful and industry’s leading software by Autodesk that teaches you to create precise and detailed drawings in 2D drafting. Using it lets you become more productive and achieve your creative aspirations.

Through our AutoCAD 2D training, we help you learn the fundamentals of drawing lines, shapes, and dimensions, providing great expertise to bring your designs to life with accuracy and precision. The course not only enhances your skills but also teaches you excellent concepts of drawing. If you want to enroll in the course and are searching for a reputable AutoCAD training center near me, get in touch with us today! Besides this, we also offer an array of other courses, including a Revit Architecture course, MEP course, Adobe Photoshop training, and more.

Who Can Opt for the Course?

The following can attend the AutoCAD 2D course at REI:

  • Students who wish to pursue careers in related fields.
  • Aspiring architects, designers, and engineers.
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their 2D drawing skills like project managers, real estate developers, and construction professionals.

Topics Covered

  • Getting Started with AutoCAD
  • Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
  • Creating a Simple Drawing
  • Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
  • Making Changes in Your Drawing
  • Organizing Your Drawing with Layers
  • Advanced Object Types
  • Getting Information from Your Drawing
  • Drawing Organization & Information
  • Advanced Editing Commands
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Creating More Complex Objects
  • Setting Up a Layout
  • Printing Your Drawing
  • Preparing to Print
  • Text
  • Hatching Objects
  • Adding Dimensions

Benefits of Pursuing AutoCAD 2D from REI

Given below is the list of advantages of pursuing the AutoCAD 2D course from our institute:

  • Enhance Skills and Productivity
  • Provides In-Depth Practical Knowledge
  • Offer Great Job Opportunities
  • High Pay Scale
  • Boost Your Portfolio
  • Reduce the Risk of Making Errors
  • Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient


Course Outline

Course Topics Detailed Outline
✔ Quick access toolbar
✔ Options
✔ Panels and ribbons
✔ Command line
✔ Status bar
APPLY BASIC DRAWING SKILLS ✔ Create, open and publish files
✔ Draw circles, arcs and polygons
✔ Draw lines and rectangles
✔ Fillet and chamfer lines
✔ Select objects
✔ Use coordinate systems
✔ Use dynamic input, direct distance, and shortcut menus
✔ Use Inquiry commands
USE DRAWING AIDS ✔ Work with Grid and Snap
✔ Object snaps
✔ Object snap tracking
✔ Ortho mode(F8)
✔ Project units
✔ Drawing limits
USE COMMANDS ✔ Selection techniques
✔ Break
✔ Grip editing
✔ Lengthen
✔ Move
✔ Offset
✔ Copy
✔ Stretch
✔ Rotate
✔ Mirror
✔ Scale
✔ Edit text
✔ Extend
✔ Polyline grips
✔ Trim
✔ Array path
✔ Array rectangular
✔ Array polar
EDIT ENTITIES ✔ Create Selection Sets
✔ Stretch Objects
✔ Use Grip Editing
✔ Use Offset and Mirror
✔ Use Trim and Extend
✔ Divide & Measure
WORK WITH CURVES ✔ Draw and edit curved Polylines
CONTROL OBJECT VISIBILITY & APPEARANCE ✔ Alter layer assignments for objects
✔ Change object properties
✔ Control layer visibility
USE BLOCKS & XREFS ✔ Define Blocks, Dynamic Block & Write Block
ATTRIBUTES ✔ Edit Attribute, Define Attribute, Display Attribute, Enhanced Attribute
GROUP ✔ Grouping the Objects
OLE ✔ Insert Link
USE HATCHING & GRADIENTS ✔ Apply hatch patterns
✔ Pattern hatch
✔ User-defined hatch
✔ Gradient hatch
✔ Hatch properties
✔ Match properties
CREATE & EDIT TEXT ✔ Create Text Styles
✔ Write Lines of Text
✔ Single line text
✔ Multiline text
✔ Editing text
✔ Text style
✔ Annotative text
DIMENSIONING ✔ Create and apply Dimension Styles
✔ Layouts and Annotative Objects
✔ Use the Window Command
✔ Use Viewports
PRINTING & PLOTTING ✔ Set printing and plotting options
✔ Setting up a printer
✔ Saving the plot settings
✔ Plotting given different scales and units

Students Testimonials

Chetan Karkare

Hello there, I learned the Autocad 2D-3D in REI. When I joined the Institute, I didn't know much about it, but now I am able to draw any kind of drawing, especially in wiring harness 2D diagrams.

When I started the classes, I faced the problem of drawing lines and angles, but my trainer, Mr. Ronald, helped me to understand the concepts and cleared my doubts. He was very kind and patient. Also, the entire staff is very friendly. I recommend joining REI if anyone is looking for AutoCAD 2D training.

Janakiraman Santhanam

My child was enrolled in the weekly AutoCAD classes, and she had an amazing experience. She has done a lot of projects that boosted her portfolio and skills. Her trainer, Samara, has greatly helped her through the journey. Thank you all.

Ameera Alameri

I took the AutoCAD 2019 program from the Regional Educational Institute in 2D and 3D. It was helpful and improved my mechanical background. Ms. Samara taught me the course. She was so kind to me and helped me understand the idea carefully. I really advise everybody to join her classes at the institute.

Waheed Nazir

I learned AutoCAD from Ms. Samara. She has great knowledge and explains everything practically. I recommend my friends to study at the institute. She helped me to excel in other areas as well. She was very friendly and helpful.

George Tetteh Fletcher

It is one of the best institutes I have ever come across, and I will recommend everyone who wishes to enroll in their courses, especially AutoCAD 2D and 3D, with Ms. Samara. She is smart and supportive and will turn you into a professional engineer by the end of your course.


Can I enroll in the AutoCAD 2D course if I want to pursue my career as an interior designer?
Yes, you can enroll in the course if you want to work as an interior designer. It will enable you to comprehend the concepts and help you create detailed floor plans, elevations, and layouts, all of which are crucial in interior design.

Do you provide certification for the AutoCAD 2D course?
Of course, we provide certification that validates your skills and enhances your job prospects in the fields that use AutoCAD extensively, such as architecture and engineering.
How long will it take to become proficient in the course?
Basically, it depends upon your prior experience and the complexity of the projects you intend to work on. However, it may take several weeks to a few months of consistent practice and learning.

What are the job opportunities after acquiring AutoCAD 2D skills?
The course opens doors to careers in various fields, including architecture, engineering, interior design, drafting, construction, and more.
Do you require prior drafting or technical drawing experience to provide AutoCAD 2D training?
No, REI does not require prior work experience. However, having basic computer skills is a must.

Enhance your drawing and drafting skills with our AutoCAD 2D course. For any doubt, send an inquiry today!