OET Training Classes in Abu Dhabi – UAE Preparation Course

Enhancing Healthcare Professionals’ Language Skills with the Leading OET Coaching Centre in Abu Dhabi

Details of Occupational English Test Preparation Courses in Abu Dhabi


6–8 Weeks
Flexible schedule featuring live online and classroom sessions

Proficiency Levels

From Novice to Advanced


Basic Command of the English Language

Certification Included

Not Included

Program Format

Choice of Formats: Online and In-Person

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OET Training Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Discover your path to a rewarding healthcare career with our premier OET training center in Abu Dhabi. We are committed to providing top-tier training to healthcare professionals aspiring to work in the UAE through our OET Coaching Centre. Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously tailored to meet the stringent standards of the Occupational English Test (OET), equipping you with the essential knowledge, skills, and unwavering confidence needed to excel in your chosen healthcare vocation.

The OET, designed to assess language proficiency, grants access to medical professionals aiming to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. Recognized as a definitive indicator of English language proficiency, the OET is a mandatory requirement for registration in 12 distinct healthcare professions across renowned destinations, including the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia, and Singapore.

Embarking on your OET journey is a simple endeavor; you need only reach out to REI today. You can make use of our convenient contact form, or if you prefer a more direct approach, feel free to call us at +971 2 679 49 48 or +971 55 109 52 90. Additionally, you may also send us an email at [email protected].

Who Should Enroll at The OET Coaching Centre In Abu Dhabi?

Our meticulously designed OET training programs cater to aspiring medical professionals who find themselves with limited proficiency in both spoken and written English. These programs have been carefully designed to satisfy the rigorous academic requirements of healthcare professionals pursuing careers in various specialisations, including general practise, dentistry, nursing, occupational therapy, radiography, pharmacy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, optometry, and veterinary science.

Why Choose Our OET Course in Abu Dhabi? 

The OET Preparation program offers invaluable insights into the schedule and examination structure, empowering you to develop the requisite skills for excelling in the OET exam. This hands-on program comprehensively covers all four OET subtests and provides abundant practice opportunities for mastering the essential skills. You will benefit from learning in intimate, small groups under the expert guidance of trained and experienced language instructors.

Accredited Instructors

Our accomplished and dedicated instructors are unwavering in helping you attain your OET goals. They profoundly understand the OET exam’s structure and content, ensuring that you receive the finest guidance and support throughout your preparation.

Tailored Curriculum

We recognise that each healthcare practitioner possesses unique needs. Our personalised OET training courses are meticulously crafted to align with your specific requirements and learning preferences, guaranteeing you the maximum benefit from your training.

Comprehensive Resources

To augment your language proficiency, you will gain access to a treasure trove of study materials, practice exams, and resources. Our state-of-the-art facility leverages modern technology to replicate authentic exam conditions, enabling you to cultivate confidence and enhance your performance.

Flexible Schedules

We comprehend the demanding schedules that healthcare professionals contend with. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, our training options include weekend and evening programs, offering the flexibility you require.

What will be covered in the OET Classes in Abu Dhabi?

Throughout this program, students will acquire a profound understanding of the OET and its requisites, emphasizing the four macro skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The curriculum seamlessly integrates these skills within nursing and other healthcare domains, honing students’ communication acumen and bolstering their confidence.


Improve your reading skills by reading articles from academic and professional journals relevant to the healthcare industry.


Participate in various exercises and activities specially designed to encourage professional writing and are most appropriate for the workplace in the healthcare sector. These exercises accurately simulate the scenarios.


Access a choice of audio resources covering a range of healthcare issues. These resources serve as a yardstick for speaking comprehension in various healthcare situations.


Engage in exercises based on real-world business situations to give you the skills necessary to participate in complex discussions about the healthcare industry. The goal is to foster efficient general communication.

What are the Learning Outcomes for OET Coaching Classes in Abu Dhabi? 

  • Critical analysis of diverse situations encompassing general medical issues.
  • Proficiency in comprehending extended documents within the medical realm containing both occupational and English language-related materials.
  • Proficiency in reading documents of specified lengths within a medical context.
  • Ability to compose formal, well-organized recommendation letters, adhering to specified length requirements.
  • Proficiency in the production of predetermined sizes of well-organised, standard content.
  • Competence in engaging in discussions that span an array of situations characterised by professional and medical complexities.


Program Overview: OCT Course in Abu Dhabi 

Embark on a transformative journey by joining our OET training centre in Abu Dhabi, propelling yourself towards a rewarding and prosperous career in healthcare within the United Arab Emirates. Access our cadre of erudite educators, specialised programs, and abundant resources. As one of the foremost OET training centers in the UAE, we offer flexible program sessions, subject to instructor availability and training slots, ensuring you seize the opportunity to usher in a more promising future in healthcare. Enroll now to unlock the gateway to a brighter tomorrow.

OET Coaching Classes in Abu Dhabi – Program Outline

Reading Techniques ✔ Skimming and Scanning
✔ Time Management
✔ Ability to Source and Synthesize Information
✔ Comprehension
Listening Techniques ✔ Produce Case Notes Using Relevant Information
✔ Ability to Understand Spoken English
✔ Time Management
Writing Techniques ✔ Complaint Writing
✔ Referral Writing
✔ Grammar
✔ Complex Sentence Structure
✔ Linkers
✔ Vocabulary
✔ Time Management
Speaking Techniques ✔ Contextualized Professional Language
✔ Pronunciation
✔ Fluency Improvement
✔ Coherence to Questions
✔ Grammar

Testimonials for OCT Courses in Abu Dhabi 

Samah Ahmed

Very remarkable institute! I just completed the OET course and I got a good result. It was great learning experience and the training was excellent. I was provided with valuable information by Mr Jamal Ahmad, timely responses and help. Thank you so much for the outstanding effort you make to support and encourage your students. Special thanks as well to Miss Geraline for her assistance. It has been delightful and gratifying.

Abdul-Karim Jebuni Fuseini

It was amazing getting my OET preparatory lessons from REI. Although English is my first language, but I never sat for any professional English proficiency language test like OET or IELTS.

It was very nervous about getting the right score, however, with their professional experience and skills they were able to diffuse this feeling and rekindled the can do spirit in me. They adequately prepared me with confidence that I acquired my desired score. It was a great pleasure and wonderful experience with REI.

Dr Nadia Irfan

I took OET training at REI and got Grade Bs in all OET modules. The trainer gave not only training material but detailed writing, reading, listening and speaking feedback. Sir Jamal is very helping and interactive teacher and his expert tips helped me alot in passing this exam. I really appreciate REI’s efforts toward enabling their OET students get Grade B in the first go. Thank you for your efforts. Best OET training center.

Gawahir Farah

I did an intensive course with Mr. jamal in this institute and alhamdulillah I got band b with very high score especially in reading (400).he is very brilliant teacher, highly commited and devoted. I recommend him for every one who wanted to clear oet without much wasting of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OET accepted in the UAE?

Yes. In February 2017, the OET signed an agreement with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. This means that healthcare professionals now enjoy opportunities to build their career in the UAE.

When a healthcare professional passes the OET, they will also receive a statement of recognition indicating their compatibility with the UAE National Qualifications Framework.

What is the difference between OET and IELTS?

While the OET and IELTS exams are similar in certain aspects (e.g., both contain 4 sub-tests, both provide a graded score, and both tests have score equivalents to the C1 or advanced level of English), they also have crucial differences in terms of content, grading, varieties and recognition.

The IELTS exam tests academic English while the OET tests medical English. IELTS has two versions whereas OET has 12. IELTS is graded out of 9 while OET is graded from A to E plus an accompanying numerical score.

Lastly, IELTS is recognised by universities, immigration authorities and companies across the globe while OET is recognised by healthcare regulatory bodies in countries like New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Namibia, Ukraine, Singapore and the emirate of Dubai.

What score do I need to pass the OET?

For most recognising councils and boards, candidates must score at least 350 in each of the OET’s four sub-tests (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Make sure to get in touch with the healthcare regulatory bodies that are relevant to your specific healthcare profession to confirm that you are up-to-date with the requirements.

Where can I take the best OET classes in Abu Dhabi?
REI is a premier OET coaching centre in Abu Dhabi. When you prepare for the OET with the help of REI’s program, you can expect to read texts with a medical context, effectively analyse a variety of medical topics, discuss situations based on professional and medical levels, write structured texts or referral letters, and more.

Contact REI today to reserve a slot in our in-demand OET preparation course.REGISTER NOW

Who Should Attend?

We offer our OET training for candidates working in the healthcare profession, possessing basic English language spoken and written skills.

Our OET training courses cater to healthcare professionals seeking to secure roles in medical fields such as general medicine, dentistry, nursing, occupational therapy, radiography, pharmacy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, optometry and veterinary science.

Topics Covered:

  • Reading Techniques – Skimming and Scanning, Time management, Ability to source information, Synthesize information, Comprehension, etc
  • Listening Techniques – Produce case notes, Using relevant information, Ability to understand spoken English, Time management, etc
  • Writing Techniques – Complaint writing, Referral writing, Grammar, Complex sentence structure, Linkers, Vocabulary, Time management, etc.
  • Speaking Techniques – Contextualized professional language, Pronunciation, Fluency improvement, Coherence to questions, Grammar, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Analyse a variety of context on general medical topics
  • Understand interventions of a certain length in medical domains (occupational and English language)
  • Read texts of a certain length in a medical context
  • Write a structured, formal referral letter of a certain length
  • Write a structured, formal text of a certain length
  • Discuss variety of situations based on medical and professional level