Autodesk Revit Training Structure

Our Revit training in Abu Dhabi from REI helps you to be better at predicting performance prior to construction with tools that help engineers create structural analytical models and maintain consistency in the structural physical model. Autodesk Revit Structure is particularly built for Building Information Modeling (BIM) which helps you to deliver higher-quality, more accurate model-based designs using tools designed for architects, interior designers, draftsmen, and others involved in the construction industry.

REVIT STRUCTURE helps engineers to improve multidiscipline coordination of documentation, minimize errors, and enhance collaboration with tools specific to structural design.

Revit Training at REI is Designed to Help Professionals to:

  • Work with conceptual modeling and analysis tools that make the design process more intuitive and help you make more informed early design decisions.
  • Gain proficiency with conceptual modelling and analysis tools that enable a more intuitive design process as well as more informed early design decision-making
  • Reduce time spent on floor plans, sections, elevations, and 3D views, as well as technical aspects such as schedules, calculations, and quantity takeoffs based on your specifications, to better focus on design aspects
  • Achieve improved accuracy in designing building systems through consistent and coordinated information built into the intelligent 3D model.
  • Better process and realize design intent through 2D documentation and 3D visualization technology
  • Accomplish projects according to owner and industry requirements for building systems efficiency through integrated analysis during the early stages of the process, reducing cost and resource waste
  • Imagine and realize smarter, more sustainable designs using building performance analysis solutions and integrated analysis tools
  • Leverage extensive BIM data for construction planning, clash detection, and fabrication
  • Clearly convey design intent to stakeholders and clients using accurate, near-photorealistic design visualizations
  • Improve coordination and collaboration across the entire project team through a unified and intelligent 3D model
  • Reduce miscommunication, coordination errors, and rework through fully parametric change management capabilities
  • Enable informed decision-making during the early stages of the design process through accurate visualization and analysis models
  • Minimize repetitive and labor-intensive tasks by allowing for coordinated structural analysis and documentation on a single model
  • Import, export, and link data with commonly-used industry formats, such as DXF, IFC, DGN, DWG, and CIS/2, enabling easier coordination between clients, consultants, and contractors

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Revit Structure
  • Understanding the Basics
  • Importing a DWG File
  • Importing an RAC File
  • Adding Structural Columns
  • Adding Structural Walls
  • Adding Structural Beams
  • Adding Curved Beams
  • Adding Beam Systems
  • Adding Trusses
  • Adding Structural Slabs
  • Adding Openings
  • Adding Structural Foundations
  • Analyze the Model
  • Completing the Structure
  • Adding a Shape-Modified Slab
  • Adding Reinforcement in a Beam
  • Adding Area Reinforcement
  • Adding Path Reinforcement
  • Sketch Reinforcement
  • Adding Views and Sheets to a Project

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