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When it comes to managing a payroll system, it is critical to maintain accuracy and attention to detail all throughout. However, due to the time-bound nature of accounting and payroll management, it is also essential to work quickly in order to manage deadlines and finish tasks. Achieving balance between accomplishment of daily work objectives and sustaining a high level of accuracy throughout the process can be challenging. In order to achieve efficiency in both accuracy and productivity, Peachtree has designed an accounting software that allows users to manage their tasks more efficiently, in a single digitised platform. With Peachtree, payroll controllers and managers manage and automate various tasks such as:

  • Producing financial statements
  • Checking invoices
  • Recording and tracking bank transfers
  • Creating a payroll record
  • Reconciling accounts payables and receivables
  • Integrating digital copies of important documents such as invoices, cheques, and receipts
  • Importing and managing numerous spreadsheets

However, using this digital platform without training can be challenging, with its complex suite of tools. Learn how to use this accounting software with comprehensive Peachtree software training from the Regional Training Institute.

World-class Peachtree accounting training by certified instructors

Our Peachtree accounting training programme provides learners the knowledge and skills needed to proficiently navigate through the user interface of the software and manipulate the integrated tools to accomplish tasks. Our learning programme is designed to guide students towards a better understanding of this digital platform. Our classes will integrate conventional learning setup with hands-on sessions in order to give students opportunities to learn from experience. Our training programmes will equip students with the knowledge to accomplish various tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Processing payments
  • Managing payroll
  • Producing tax, sales, and financial reports
  • Producing purchase orders automatically

Learners will be guided and taught by certified instructors through a structured curriculum, to ensure the best results.

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