3 Urgent Reasons to Get a Six Sigma Certification

3 Urgent Reasons to Get a Six Sigma Certification
By regionaleducationalinstitute | November 11, 2019

Over US$17 billion in savings — this is how much Motorola, the American telecommunications company, saved after they implemented the Six Sigma method in their business operations from the time they invented it in 1986 up until 2004.

General Electric (GE) is another company that pioneered the use of Six Sigma and has reported savings of US$750 million by 1998.

Curious about how they were able to accomplish this? It’s all in their Six Sigma Certification.

Steps to Success

By getting a Six Sigma Certification, you could also make a significant contribution to the growth and development of a company. Whether you work as a diligent member of the team or you are the owner of an organization, having a Six Sigma Certification speaks volumes about your skills as a leader and manager.

Developed in 1986 by a Motorola engineer named Bill Smith, the Six Sigma methodology has been studied and refined over the years. Initially, companies use this data-driven approach to produce a high level of output that is within their specifications. These companies aimed to reduce defect levels in their performance process by 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO).

Most of the Fortune 500 companies have already assimilated it into their operations. The set of processes that uses quality management methods to achieve measurable results has proven to help achieve their business goals. Originally made to address concerns in the manufacturing business, it has evolved to become a general business technique that is applicable across industries.
The Six Sigma methodology has also become one of the most in-demand leadership and management training courses in today’s highly competitive world. The business landscape has become more cutthroat and those who do not arm themselves with the right knowledge and skills get left behind.

Here are the top reasons why you should also get a Six Sigma Certificate:

1. It will elevate your career potential.

People who are knowledgeable about the Six Sigma process are usually scouted by the world’s leading companies. It is common knowledge that passing the Six Sigma exams and getting a certificate is tough. There are varying levels of certification, with the White Belt level as the stepping stone for more advanced levels such as the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and ultimately, the Black Belt.

Those who get certified can certainly use it to their advantage when applying for jobs. This gives the employer the confidence to hire you for your skills and abilities, especially your expertise in the Six Sigma process. It gives you an edge against other job candidates who do not have a Six Sigma certification tucked under their belts.

Those who undergo the certification program also gain experience from real-life scenarios. A hands-on approach in implementing theoretical knowledge to actual projects will train students to think according to the Six Sigma principles. This will also give you a leg up in training for leadership positions.

Based on industry reports, people who have Six Sigma certificates normally enjoy higher remuneration and are among the highest-paid professionals in their respective fields.

2. It will eliminate errors in your company process.

People who undergo the Six Sigma Certification program also discover ways to eliminate or reduce errors in their business processes. Six Sigma students are taught how to identify and analyze the loopholes in their organization’s operations. They then try to identify potential reasons why such errors are being made and devise ways to control and manage these errors.

Eliminating errors in the process can greatly affect the company’s performance by reducing the number of wasteful and costly mistakes committed. Weeding out the inaccuracies and irregularities allows for better workflow, more efficient procedures, and increased revenue.

Ironing out the kinks in your organization’s system will also ensure that your company is compliant with industry rules and regulations.

3. It will improve your organizational process and quality.

With on-ground insight, and backed by factual theories, Six Sigma students also acquire a clearer and more objective view of the business milieu. With an open mind and clearer understanding of how things should flow, they are able to devise a smoother way to operate the business. In turn, systems become more organized and more productive.

Those who are armed with the Six Sigma Certificate can also become effective leaders of change. With their unique insight into how a business should run, they can spearhead the efforts that drive toward a more conducive working environment. Under the leadership of a Six Sigma certificate-holder, the journey to profitability is also an undeniable path that a company will take.

Get Ahead of the Pack

Students, entry-level employees, upper management officers and CEOs can certainly benefit from the Six Sigma method. The proven techniques that this tool teaches its students have been instrumental to the success of countless companies around the world.

For you to get ahead of the pack, it is highly encouraged that you invest in a worthy program that not only enhances your intellectual capabilities but also allows you to flex your leadership muscles for a more successful future ahead. Talk to our team at REI about our Six Sigma certification program today.