5 Steps to Elevate Your Career in Human Resources

5 Steps to Elevate Your Career in Human Resources
By regionaleducationalinstitute | October 6, 2020

Are you planning to advance your career in HR? Do you know what to do to make this happen?

From taking HR courses to expanding your professional network, find out the ways you can boost your human resources career with the tips shared below.

Building Blocks 

A career in human resources can both be challenging and fulfilling. You just need to find the right tools to equip yourself with so you can fully enjoy the experience. 

At the Regional Educational Institute (REI), we have helped hundreds of HR professionals expand their knowledge and hone their skills to elevate their HR careers.

Our years of giving in-depth training to aspiring and current HR personnel have given us unique insights into the world of human resources. With us, you’ll not only find out about the basic concepts of HR management, but you will also get acquainted with the typical day-to-day operations that you might encounter.

An HR certificate course is part of the professional courses in Abu Dhabi that we offer.

Aside from taking this course, we have also listed other surefire ways that you can use to develop yourself and become an effective HR professional. 

Here are some strategies you can use:

1. Map out your career path

Regardless of whether you’re only starting your HR career or you have been in the industry for years, it’s still worthwhile to map out your career. Career mapping can significantly help in directing you to the goal that you want to achieve. It can also help you advance to a more senior position or clinch your ideal role.

Start by pinpointing the most fulfilling parts in your current position. Then ascertain your strengths and weaknesses and include any opportunities and threats that you think can arise along the way. Picture yourself in your ideal job in one, five, and ten years. Lastly, identify the steps that you need to do to clinch your dream job.

2. Invest in continuous education 

If you want to develop and improve your skills in HR, then you should pursue further education. There are professional training and certification courses available for those who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Aside from the Certified Human Resources Professional course that we offer here at REI, there are also complementary courses that you can take. For example, our HR and Employee Development Program also includes training sessions on employee motivation, management development, and team building, and teamwork.

These courses are essential in helping you carry out your role effectively. Extra know-how will also contribute to the skill set that can give you an edge when looking for other jobs or higher positions.

3. Break out of your HR bubble

To avoid developing tunnel vision, it will be beneficial for you to also get out of your HR bubble from time to time. With all the tasks and responsibilities that come with your role, it is easy to fall into the trap of huddling together with HR employees only or getting wrapped in HR matters.

Ideally, you should have a well-rounded understanding of the company and the people within it.  Attempt to interact and make genuine connections. Having your ears to the ground will also alert you to possible issues and help you address them straightway. Pursuing other hobbies or interests will also help provide a balance between work and play.

4. Find a mentor or support group

When charting your course towards a fulfilling HR career, it is ideal that you surround yourself with the right people.

Expand your network and seek people who have credibility and experience in the industry. Look for mentors whom you respect and look up to. Having a strong support network can not only help by getting good recommendations or referrals, but can also help strengthen your passion for the industry.

5. Be proactive 

Being proactive can help boost your career. When you seek out new challenges and discover novel ways of providing solutions, you are able to show your capabilities as a leader and an effective HR practitioner.

Step out of your comfort zone and discover new ways to improve employee engagement or addressing management issues. Do not be afraid to display lateral thinking and trying out newfangled methods in tackling HR concerns.

Reach the Pinnacle of Success 

The HR field covers a lot of areas, and you have the responsibility of watching out for both the employees and the company’s welfare. 

If you want to elevate your career in HR, join any or all of the HR programs that we offer at REI. 

Improving your knowledge and skills through professional training and certification courses can go a long way in advancing your career. When you combine learning with all the other strategies mentioned above, you can look forward to charting a steady path towards success.