7 Benefits of Getting an Autodesk Certification

7 Benefits of Getting an Autodesk Certification
By regionaleducationalinstitute | April 8, 2020

Because Autodesk is one of the most widely used groups of software across various industries (which include architecture, engineering, construction, product design and manufacturing, and media), having a solid background in it can give you an advantage if you want to carve a niche in these sectors.

Knowing how to use the particular software used in your target industry is a start; however, you can elevate your career faster by getting a certification from Autodesk.

Signing up for an Autodesk NavisWorks training program and getting certified, for instance, can put you at an advantage if you work in the architecture, engineering, or construction industries. When you are well-versed in this software and have the certification to back up your skills, you can use REVIT more efficiently and optimally.

These skills and certification will give you a hand as you work your way up the career ladder.

How an Autodesk Certificate Can Boost Your Career

If you’re still wondering how getting an Autodesk certificate can boost your career, here are the specific benefits of doing so:

1. Acquire an industry-recognized certificate

Anyone working in the building and construction industry usually has a working knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, and other Autodesk programs. Getting a certificate issued by the company itself is tangible proof that you have the skills and expertise in using one or more of their products.

More importantly, since the certificate is issued by Autodesk, it is internationally recognized. Whether you work in your home country or overseas, companies will immediately appreciate and acknowledge the importance of your credentials and your skills.

2. Have your name listed in the Autodesk Certified Professionals database

Aside from getting a paper and soft copy of the certificate once you pass the exam, your name will automatically be listed in the exclusive database of qualified Autodesk professionals around the world.

Many employers and clients use this database to source candidates that they can hire to join their team. By accessing this information, they will have an easier time looking for a skilled and qualified Autodesk professional.

With your name on Autodesk’s databank, you will have greater chances of getting discovered by companies based locally and overseas.

3. Obtain a certificate that demonstrates your level of proficiency

When you want to get certified as an Autodesk professional, you can choose which certification level you wish to obtain. Because of this, you will be sure you will pass the exam and get the qualification.

This means that whether you are new to using an Autodesk program or you are already a professional with years of experience, you will get a certification that suits and demonstrates your proficiency.

There are three levels of Autodesk certification: user, associate, and professional. If you have only started learning and using a program, you can take the user exam. In case you have been using the different types of software for several years now, you can obtain an associate or professional qualification.  

By choosing the right level and signing up for the appropriate AutoCAD or Revit training course, there is no reason for you to fail the exam and not get a certification.

4. Prove you are up-to-date with the latest in Autodesk technology

Autodesk constantly updates and improves its various software programs. When you undergo an exam prep course and do self-study or research, you will know what these changes are.

More importantly, when you complete the exam, you will have a certificate that demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and updating your skills. And this is something that all employers and clients value.

5. Boost your performance

Since preparing for the certification exam requires you to undergo training, revisions, and applying everything you have learned, you will improve your current skill set. Additionally, you will gain and hone new ones that you need to complete the test.

When you apply these skills in your workplace, your coworkers and supervisors won’t fail to notice this, especially if you demonstrate your expertise in using different features of the software.

Because of this, you will be seen as someone who is more productive and efficient. This will result in your employer recognizing your talent and value, which can give you the push you need for a career boost.

6. Broaden your marketable skills

Aside from demonstrating your commitment to your career, your Autodesk certification shows that you have the skills employers are looking for in the people they want to see occupying a higher position.

Keep in mind that not all professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry have an Autodesk certificate. This certification will give you the edge you need to stand out from the other candidates when you are aiming to get a higher position in your current company or elsewhere.

Additionally, when you upload your resume or create a profile in job banks or networking sites, you can add your Autodesk certification logo. This will immediately catch a potential employer’s eye and encourage them to take note of your application or account.

7. Earn the respect of your peers

Lastly, getting an Autodesk certificate is an excellent way of getting recognition not only from your employer, but also from your coworkers.

When you share your newly acquired skills with your peers, you will earn their respect. They will then start thinking highly of you and become aware of your value as their teammate.

All these will boost your confidence, which will be a big help as you start targeting a higher position within the company or a different one.

With these remarkable benefits in mind, don’t delay signing up for the relevant training course and taking an Autodesk certification exam. The sooner you get your certificate, the quicker you will experience these advantages.

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