Arabic Language

This program is designed for foreigners learning Arabic with the aim of the preparing the candidate to use Arabic for their Professional Studies, Professional needs in real life and work. This program will further give the students the opportunity to speak on general topics, to communicate in a Business environment and to understand texts & phrases in business and finance in the Arabic speaking world.

The program is basically divided into 3 Levels (Basic, Intermediary & Advanced) which will be assigned to the candidate based on their level of expertise in the Arabic Language.

Arabic LEVEL 1 (Basic)

Level 1 is ideal for candidates who are interested in the learning the basics of the Arabic Language.
Topics include:
  • Alphabets and small words
  • Introduction to phrases for conversation
  • Introducing self and other people
  • Describing people and things
  • Asking and giving information
  • Simple sentence construction

Arabic LEVEL 2 (Intermediary)

Level 2 is ideal for candidates who possess the knowledge of the Arabic Language basics and would like to enhance their speaking and interaction skills.
Topics include:
  • Dealing with numbers, talking about favorite things, hobbies & family
  • Conversation starters and practice
  • Talking about future, life, events and feelings
  • Expressing likes and dislikes, contractions and closing a conversation
  • Grammar

Arabic LEVEL 3 (Advanced)

Level 3 is a highly advanced interactive program which is ideal for candidates with a satisfactory command of spoken Arabic but still feel insecure in expressing themselves, in professional / social conversations.
Topics include:
  • Giving options, agreeing and disagreeing
  • Asking for details, asking permission, sequencing
  • Discussing sensitive topics, accepting & refusing, expression for description
  • Indirect requests, supporting opinions, exploring options
  • Contrasting, classifying, elaborating, interrupting
  • Giving directions, checking for understanding

Trainer Video

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  • Learning Hours Starting from 20 Hours

Help Desk Detail

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